April 2005:

The Irises - Not Good In Bed

Writer: Jaclyn Arndt

Is there anyone who doesn’t love sarcastic wit? That’s right people, the correct answer is NO. Power pop duo The Irises realize this and use it to the best of their ability on their debut album “Not Good In Bed”. The title offers up evidence to the attitudes of Roxanne Heichert (vocals) and Stephen Quinn (guitar), but their lyrics do it that much better. The catchy track “Lo-Fi Girl” is the shiniest example of this. Sadly the entirety of the song’s lyrics can’t be written out for this review, but a tongue-in-cheek anthem this good shouldn’t be passed by. The entire album is beautifully brazen in a highly amusing way, and on top of this The Irises’ music is rather good. Hiechert’s melodic voice is powerful and raw, while Quinn’s guitar work creates a constantly droning, sometimes jangly backdrop, with all the sounds melding into one another like a hyperactive child’s finger-paints. Not only is “Not Good In Bed” good on first listen, but it gets better each time it’s played. No, really.

And just because it would be tragic if a few snippets of “Lo-Fi Girl” lyrics weren’t included…“Lo-fi, I’m your lo-fi girl/ No longer riot grrl/ I found a tune!...All my super friends are here/ On the guestlist drinking beer/ That they got from me/ They’re standing right beside the stage/ Barely past the drinking age/ Wearing 1970s gear”. Sigh. Gotta love satire.

September 2004:

The Irises
By Shawn Conner
Publish Date: 16-Sep-2004
Not Good in Bed (Anka)

The Irises aren't doing anything new on Not Good in Bed. The debut from the new outfit led by vocalist Roxanne Heichert and guitarist Stephen Quinn, the album sounds as though it could have been recorded in the mid '90s, when female-fronted power-pop bands like the Primitives, Madder Rose, and Bettie Serveert were placing indelible melodies against a backdrop of distorted guitars. Even Not Good in Bed's format of 10 compact songs clocking in at just over 30 minutes and sequenced like a two-sided vinyl record is decidedly retro.

This is in no way a fault, at least to these ears. Heichert and Quinn have been honing their songwriting skills for nearly two decades, first in Go Four 3 and then in Thrill Squad, and their ability to craft perfect two- and three-minute songs has only improved. Heichert has just the right amount of spit and polish in her voice for indie-rock come-ons like "Lo-Fi Girl", and Quinn's guitar tones range from riff-centric power chords in "Say You Want Me" to shimmering arpeggios in the lullaby "I Cry I Sleep" to a glorious buzz in "If I Was a Boy". The disc is best when the rhythm section of former Odds members Doug Elliott and Pat Steward really takes off, but even Not Good in Bed's slower moments are manna from heaven for guitar-pop fans.

September 2004:

From the USA:
The Irises - Not Good In Bed

The band describes themselves thusly: " Lulu meets Cheap Trick, Glam powerpop rock with more hooks than a tackle box.". Okay, we'll bite. There's definitely plenty of gorgeous (female) vocal harmonies and hook- laden melodies that linger, take root and take up residence. There's plenty refreshing jangle-pop and bit of cool glammy vibe that creeps in here, then there. From the opening crashing guitar chords of "What's Gonna Happen Now" to the bittersweet conclusion of "Betty's On Parade," The Irises move from soaring to searing vocals, with lyrics that cut deeper than Ginsu carving knives, and picture perfect melodies. They sounds *a lot* like old favorites from the early 90's like The Primitives, The Hummingbirds, The Katydids and The Darling Buds. Remember, them? Well, if you don't-- -get this and be vastly rewarded for taking a chance. Oh yeah.....there's that early Blondie thing but, again, it's nothing to shy away from, only embrace warmly, affectionately. Very Highly Recommended!

September 2004:

From Panartist, London UK:
Not Good in Bed
Arranging: 9 out of 10
Producing: 9 out of 10
Engineering: 9 out of 10

On the way of Cranberries, Oasis and indie bands alike. The Irises possess a very significant and identifiable pure indie flowery sound. Built around great guitar riffs and pop tunes the album seems compact and the production solid..the band has a matured musical approach and their ideas are strong. This record demands attention for that reason alone plus guitar sounds and production is indeed polished... check for the "Perfect Boyfriend" track to be a hit!

August 2004:

Vancouver Province
August 10, 2004 p. B5
By: Tom Harrison

Stephen Quinn and Roxanne Heichert return but, if you liked their previous Thrill Squad or Go Four 3, The Irises maintain a high standard of power-pop melody with biting guitar. Roxanne is singing better while Stephen still sounds like a one man orchestra.

August 2004:

Appeared August 1st at the Los Angeles International Pop Overthrow festival as part of the VH-1 Save The Music show.

July 2004:

Debut gig to several thousand party goers on Canada Day July 1st 2004 at Castle Park in Port Coquitlam BC.


June 2004:

Licensing deal signed with NOMA Music, Los Angeles.

March - April 2004:

“Perfect Boyfriend” playlisted at WBER in New York after over 1000 Internet votes launched the song on to their regular rotation.


Feb 2004 review ICON Magazine (USA):

“They sound like Dido, Sixpence None the Richer, and the Cranberries. This album is for the hopeless romantic and is pure rock pop at its best.”



The tracks "What's Gonna Happen Now", "Perfect Boyfriend" and "I Cry I Sleep" are featured in the indie film “Some Lucky Bastard”.

Artist of the week at Indie-Connections USA download site.

Selected by Best Female Musicians website USA as one of the best unsigned bands.


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